Sound Masking Solutions By Kelley Communications

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Sound Masking Solutions

Sound masking uses low-level white noise that reduces the audible level of speech throughout a room, and helps to protect speech privacy where confidentiality is important, such as in doctor’s offices or call centers.

Our sound masking solutions can conceal private conversations, reduce office-noise distractions, and improve productivity. It is the acoustical equivalent of tripling the distance between workstations!

When conversational privacy is key, let Kelley Communications design and install a sound masking system that meets the needs of your location.

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Cellular Boosting Solutions for Your Office, Building, or Entire Business Complex / Campus

When it comes to cellular signal quality, reception and location are everything!

You might be in the heart of a business district but other structures, signal interference or overall weak signal output can create dead spots for reception.

Kelley Communications can solve the problem by installing cell phone signal boosters throughout your location!

We will determine where and why your signal weaknesses exist, and offer an economical solution to improve your signal.

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