Intercom System & Access Control Installation

Access Control/ Tele-Entry

Take the worry out of who is coming and going at your workplace with reliable full color HD monitoring Access Control System. Kelley Communications has options that will allow you to control doors, gates and other entry areas with the push of a button.

Tele-entry systems and intercoms are excellent ways to manually ensure that the correct people are entering your building. With these systems, a person identifies themselves and a staff member will press an Access Control button on a master station to unlock a door or open an entry gate. We can integrate your Paging System, Intercom System and Access Control System to work with Video Surveillance to provide a total security package for your business. We are your Milwaukee area installation and repair experts with over 30 years of know-how and experience in installing and servicing the best Access Control Systems throughout Wisconsin.

Need to replace your old system? Kelley Communications can consult you on the best options for you. Depending on the upgrade, we can use your existing infrastructure or we can run new cabling. We also can repair any problem with your current Intercom from keypad replacement to amplifier and speaker fixes.

In addition, we can integrate into a comprehensive security plan for you.

Access Control System Installation

Security cameras can record security breaches, but how do you prevent it? Kelley Communications can install a variety of access control systems which regulate who can enter and exit an area and are perfect for ensuring security.

Some Common Features of Our Access Control Systems:

  • Fingerprint readers
  • Keypad alarm systems
  • Lock and unlock doors automatically
  • Track who entered and exited each access point
  • Integrate into a comprehensive security plan

Take the worry out of who is coming and going at your workplace with a reliable, full color HD monitoring access control system. We have options that allow you to control doors, gates and other entry areas with the push of a button. Trust Kelley Communications to install the best access control system for your needs!

Have a look at our Product Data Sheets for our Mircom Telephone Access System Kits & Accessories:


Telephone Entry Systems

Make safety a top priority for you, your employees and your company with a tele-entry system installed by Kelley Communications. We can access your capabilities and needs to determine if a wet system, which uses an analog phone line to call out to cell and landlines, or a dry system, which is a hardwired internalized system is the best solution for you. We can also provide your phone line at a great cost!

Or, perhaps a SIP & VoIP module solution, which uses the internet to call out, is right for your location. Get a hold of us and lets talk about the best solution that meets your needs perfectly and at the right price.

We pride ourselves in being your best choice for your business security needs, and have for 30 years stayed ahead of our competition in being able to offer you the most modern, state-of-the-art solutions at great prices. 

Give us a call today at 414-727-7070 or Contact Us Here to discuss your building security needs, and let us put our know-how and experience to work for you today!