We are Now an Authorized Telarus Partner!

Kelley Communications recently became an authorized Telarus Partner! As the largest privately-held services distributor in the United States, Telarus provides a wide range of tools in the logistics realm, including “GeoQuote”, which lets businesses offer travel reservations, Circuit Monitoring Services for networks, automated support ticket resolution for faster customer service, an order status tracking tool, and it’s all packaged into one convenient app. Read more about Telarus technology offerings Here.

What does This Mean For You?

We have access to the full suite of products offered by Telarus. Instead of wasting valuable time and money for unneeded technology, we can install these scalable solutions individually or collectively as your need to use them comes up. Our new authorization also means that we do not need the amount of in-house IT support we would otherwise need, which lowers our operating costs and we pass those savings on to you!

Telarus Authorized Reseller

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

CCaaS is a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows companies to utilize a contact center’s provider’s software. A CCaaS model allows businesses to purchase only the technology they need which reduces the need for internal IT support. We are proud to offer the Telarus Contact Center as a Service or “CCaaS” for short.

Part of these new technology services includes the ability to install and use Telarus’s Call Center Solutions described in detail here. That means that we will be able to provide even better and faster phone support than before!

How is CCaaS technology different from other phone support models? While there have been various attempts at creating this service or portions of it over the years, this is the first all-in-one solution for our call centers! Instead of using SIP Trunks, which on average provide a 4/1 ratio, the goal of these new technology services is to provide customers a 1/1 ratio.

How Does This Solution Benefit You?

As you know, many callers’ only hands-on experience with businesses is through service calls, and businesses can be judged harshly based on this single experience.

By working with a Network Engineer, we ensure customers are never turned away. Another benefit of these new technology services is that group calling minute rates are established, so you won’t have to worry about paying out a disproportionate amount for calls that originate from other countries.

Finally, there is a Disaster Recovery Plan in place in the case of an outage. This is additional insurance against losing customers who may get impatient if they cannot connect to an agent right away!

With our new authorization, we are embracing modern cloud technology and ultimately saving money for you!

Give Kelley Communications a call today at 414-727-7070 or Contact Us Here to learn more about the Telarus solutions that we can provide to you!