Transform your loud and noisy workplace into a spa-like atmosphere. Combining sound masking and background music can conceal private conversations, reduce distractions and improve productivity. Let Kelley Communications provide your company with a custom-designed sound system.

With a Sound Masking System from Kelley Communications, you can reduce noise distractions as well as protect speech privacy, which is critical in office situations such as

  • Medical Offices
  • Libraries
  • Pharmacies
  • Business Offices and
  • Legal Facilities.

We are full-service experts in White Noise and Sound Masking Technology and can analyze, plan, and install an Office Sound Masking Solution or a White or Pink Noise System to meet your speech privacy needs.

If your work area has an acoustical challenge, talk to Kelley Communications and we’ll analyze your space and propose the best Sound Masking Solution to protect your conversational privacy. Sound masking will also reduce the noise caused by office traffic, office machinery, phone banks, and other distracting sounds that can impede concentration and productivity.

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About Sound Masking

Sound Masking Technology works by emitting a low-level, non-distracting white noise, pink noise, or background music over a speaker system that reduces other noise distractions. It is the acoustical equivalent of tripling the distance between work stations. Sound Masking Solutions are a cost-effective alternative to adding structural build-outs like additional walls or room additions to your facility.

White Noise:

With white noise, all frequencies are emitted at the same volume that help drown out the sounds of busy or high-traffic areas. White noise is to only be installed under raised floors, like casinos. This noise is never to be used above ceilings or open concept offices.

Pink Noise:

With pink noise, an oscillation of sound is emitted from above an area to mask low frequency background noise. The perfect solution for call centers, phone banks, large open concept office areas and above office cubicles.

Background Music:

As opposed to background music, which can become a distraction, passive music is a smart choice for a background music solution.
Learn more about how music can improve your productivity.  

Our Office Sound Masking Systems

After analyzing your work space, we will help you choose the best Sound Masking System for your needs. We can provide you with a self-contained, low profile sound masking system for a small office. Or for a large space, a multi-zone, all-in-one speech privacy, background music (BGM) and paging system. Our systems are network ready and computer controllable, allowing you to set time schedules and adjust system settings.

At Kelley Communications, we feature the TSD-GPN1200 Sound Masking Generator from AtlasIED. Their system allows a selection between pink or white noise sources and can stand alone or be mounted on a rack.

Sound Normalization

We can also help normalize the sound levels of TV / audio-visual broadcasts throughout an office so that they are not a distraction, everyone can hear the broadcast as needed, and the sound is not too loud or not too soft in any one area.

At Kelley Communications, we are your full service solution, and can handle all of the AV work involved with your sound and AV systems, from HDTV installation or mounting, installing complete audio-visual systems, or even adding surround sound to your conference room.

Be it a large conference room, commercial space, a large or small office, or multiple-zone location, Kelley Communications has the right sound solution for you! Transform your loud and noisy workspace into a spa-like atmosphere!

Call us at 414-727-7070 or Contact Us Here to get your free sound masking analysis today!