Cellular Signal Boosting: Boost Your Office Cell Phone Signal

Cell Phone Signal Boosters from Kelley Communications

Cell phones are the lifeline of business today. Why are you letting your building hold you back?

Is your office frustrated by:

  • Dropped calls

  • Slow or lost internet connections

  • Stuck text messages

  • Weak coverage

  • Low bars, and

  • Other cell phone reception problems?

Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg., Inc. Cellular Boosting Installation provided by Kelley Communications Inc. In Partnership with Wilson Amplifiers

  • We used Five weBoost for Business Office 200 Signal Booster Kits mounted to fire-rated plywood to provide four bars of service to every square inch of this building.
  • These Cell Phone Signal Boosters are FCC-approved and are 5G capable. They work on boosting AT&T, US Cellular, Sprint, T Mobile & Verizon cellular signals, and phones.
  • We used all LMR 600 Cables for this installation.
  • We used 20 Wilson Electronics Dome Antennas.
  • We used Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector Metal 4 Outlet 6ft Cord devices to protect the weBoost for Business Office 200 Signal Boosters.
  • We used 5 Wilson weBoost High Gain LPDA Antennas on the roof mounted to nonpenetrating roof sleds.
  • Each Office 200 Signal Booster was grounded and bonded to structural building steel with 12-gauge ground wire.
  • Each nonpenetrating roof sled was bonded to the roof with six-gauge ground wire.

Boost Cell Signal- Our Reviews:

“Everything that was done has appeared to help very much. I have not lost a call or had any problems with connectivity.”
Thank you,”

Ray Martin
Vice-President of Operations
Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg., Inc.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

“Good Morning Jacob, I have not had any failures or connection issues, Thanks for a Great Job.”

Russ L. Martin
Head Coach
Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg., Inc.

If so, Kelley Communications can help eliminate the aggravations. We will determine where and why signal weaknesses exist and offer economical solutions for dropped calls and slow data connections.

Benefits of Cellular Boosting

Cell phone boosters are compatible with all major carriers and can increase your existing 3G and 4G LTE signal by up to 32 times! Uploads and downloads will speed up, text messages will go through and dead spots will disappear. You will also notice a longer battery life, wider coverage and clearer audio! Give your business a boost. Kelley Communications will improve your cell phone signal!

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Our Cellular Boosting Systems

At Kelley Communications, we provide only the best products and services to our customers. That’s why we sell and install WilsonPro Signal Boosters. The Wilson Pro Series can boost your cell phone signal up to 32x, supports all data speeds (from 3G to LTE), works with all phones on all carriers, covers areas up to 6 times larger than other systems (up to 500,000 square feet) and allows for more simultaneous users at any given time.

Commercial cell phone boosters are essential for businesses, hospitals, and educational institutions that rely heavily on reliable cellular connectivity. These boosters offer a robust solution for capturing and rebroadcasting cellular signals within buildings, ensuring improved reception for all occupants. With a properly installed and configured commercial cellular booster, the frustrating issues of poor call quality, sluggish data speeds, and constant disruptions caused by weak cellular signals can be eliminated. Moreover, these boosters are designed to cater to the specific needs of commercial settings. They can handle a higher volume of users simultaneously, making them ideal for busy office environments, crowded hospitals, and bustling educational institutions.

Additionally, our commercial cell phone boosters comply with industry regulations and standards, ensuring their reliability and safety. By investing in a commercial cell phone booster, your business can enhance productivity, provide better customer service, and enable seamless communication. Hospitals can ensure uninterrupted connectivity for critical healthcare systems, while educational institutions can facilitate efficient online learning and communication platforms. Overall, commercial cell phone boosters are a game-changer for organizations that require reliable cellular connectivity within their premises.

Cell Phone Signal Boosting — Get a Free, No Obligation Analysis of Your Business

Are you tired of dropped calls and poor cell phone reception inside your building or throughout your campus? Losing connectivity or not being able to connect is frustrating and can affect your productivity and communication. Boosting your signal will ensure that you and your employees and customers stay connected at all times. Whether you’re working in an office, living in an apartment complex, or running a business, a weak cell signal can be detrimental. But with a cell phone signal boosting solution from Kelley Communications, you can enhance your cell phone reception and have reliable connectivity.

Kelley Communications offers a free, no-obligation analysis of your business to see if your building, complex or campus will benefit from a cell phone signal booster. It is important for us to analyze the size of your office, the type of building, the area in which it is located and other unique factors to determine which cell phone booster kit is right for your space. Our systems can boost signals in basements, offices, remote areas, multi-story buildings, warehouses and more!

We Boost Everyone!

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Kelley Communications Is  Now An Authorized Wilson Amplifier Dealer

We’ve recently become an Authorized Wilson Amplifiers Dealer. We’re proud to announce this partnership that will enable us to sell and install Wilson signal booster systems all across Wisconsin and the Midwest!

Wilson offers residential, commercial, and industrial signal boosters and antennae. Rather than just offer the products, we are able to offer you the Wilson Amplifiers “all-in-one” solutions, including our expert evaluation of floor plans, amplifier layout plans for large buildings by floor and installation.

You already know that bad cell and Internet service can affect your bottom line. With the growing demand for faster speeds and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, having quality cellular service at all times is an absolute requirement for work efficiency and satisfaction. Both clients and employees typically require coverage within your buildings. Unfortunately, many factors, including walls, towers, and power lines can affect coverage within your building. Even if you have an excellent connection, certain portions of your building may be covered poorly not at all. Additionally, your employees and clients likely have a wide variety of cellular providers. While your personal cellular service may be fine, some others may require a boost in order to work properly.

This is where signal boosters come into play. With the help of products from our new partnership, you won’t need to worry about this for yourself, your employees and your clients! Employees on the first, second, and hundredth floor can all experience the same quality of coverage. No more guessing where to place routers to offer mediocre coverage to everyone!

Signal Boosting: Professional Design and Installation Service

First, we go through your building or campus with our 460118 Wilson Signal Detector Kit that measures coverage and identify spots that are poor or nonexistent. Next, we can create a blueprint of your low or no-coverage zones, and then determine where you can most cost-effectively place a signal booster (or multiple ones) to ensure a baseline coverage guarantee for your entire premises, regardless of your in-house IT expertise.

We then bring your new commercial signal booster systems and install them according to the blueprint created earlier. After all of your new signal boosters get installed, we re-test them using the same tool that was used to identify poor coverage zones. If there is still a coverage issue, it can typically be taken care of in the same visit!

We offer all of these signal booster services to help ensure client and customer satisfaction! Whether you need a commercial signal booster for cell coverage, signal booster systems for Internet coverage or both, our new partnership with Wilson Amplifiers allows us to help you out with the best solution for your location.

Call 414-727-7070 or fill out the form below to set up a complimentary review of your business’s signal by Kelley Communications!

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“My exclusive partner for cabling, camera and DVR services.”

“I have been using Kelley Communications for many years. Kelley Communications has a very knowledgeable team that has always performed the work in a timely and professional manner. If you are looking for a talented team I would recommend Kelley Communications and their staff without hesitation. Very competitive pricing on Cutting Edge technology and equipment Jacob and his team at Kelley Communications have been a great partner to work with for the past 5 years. Very professional but also personable, and have always gone above and beyond on all projects we’ve worked on together. Highly recommend Kelley Comm for all your security needs.”

“Jacob and his team at Kelley Communications have been a great partner to work with for the past 5 years. Very professional but also personable, and have always gone above and beyond on all projects we’ve worked on together. Highly recommend Kelley Comm for all your security needs.”

“Have used them many times for emergency and non-emergency work. They have always delivered. We have never needed to look anywhere else.”

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