Paging / Emergency Broadcast

Paging & Emergency Broadcast

A good mass notification system can mean the difference between life and death in the workplace. Communicating quickly and easily in an emergency and non-emergency situation is imperative in certain situations. Let’s raise the bar and make your building a safer place to work.

Paging and Emergency Broadcast Systems are excellent ways to communicate messages efficiently and effectively throughout your location. We can integrate these systems and provide a comprehensive security plan for your location.

Some Common Features of our Paging Systems:

  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Emergency Phones
  • Feedback Terminators
  • Telephone Access Modules
  • Door Controllers
  • Entry Phones
  • Alarm Systems
  • Zone Paging and Modules
  • Multiple Entrance Capability


Emergency Broadcast Systems

We can install an emergency broadcast system at your location that uses prerecorded micro-computer messages to send out potentially life-saving broadcasts in the event of an emergency. These messages enable all persons to take the appropriate actions in the event of an emergency without needing a live person to actively broadcast instructions.

Valcom vs. 70 Volt Systems

It’s important to make sure your system installers are experienced and certified experts. Most system installers don’t realize that you cannot use existing Cat3 wiring to install new Valcom paging or emergency broadcast systems , for example. Cat5 wiring must be used to have your Valcom broadcast system fully functional. In addition, the proper connections must be used and installed correctly for proper functioning. Many installers are bringing old methodology knowledge to their Valcom installs, and it simply won’t work. This costs you time and money as they trouble shoot their install error.

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At Kelley Communications, we have the experience and know how of all the parts, connectors, inputs and their functions in order to have your system installed and running properly. Do not leave this work to an amateur! Get the most out of your system functionality with a system install by Kelley Communications. Save yourself time, frustration and money by having our experts install your systems correctly the first time, using the right wiring and connections necessary to ensure your equipment operates properly.


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