Hosted Phone Solutions, Cutting-Edge Digital Phones & Voice Over IP Phone Systems (VoIP). Are you paying for POTS or Analog Phone Lines? Ditch the Phone Bill & Switch to a Hosted Phone Solution that does NOT Require Phone Lines.

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  • Are your AT&T POTS landlines increasing in price into the hundreds of dollars per line per month, we can get rid of them?

  • Has your TDS Bill gotten out of control; we can cut your bill by up to 80%?

  • Have you considered switching to a Hosted VoIP Solution, that has 24/7 support?

  • Do you have a failover Internet service set up, how much does it cost your business when you can’t communicate with your customers, we can help set this up?

Let us move you into the future with a lightning-fast dual Internet failover connection with a new hosted VoIP solution that is cheaper and faster than your current solution. Check out our net2phone solution here!

Can we schedule a free on-site visit for us to do a network assessment of your current switch gear and a free speed test on your Internet connection?

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Since 1989, Kelley Communications has been installing voice and data communications cabling. In 2004, we started marketing business phone systems to allow our customers to have a single source for all of their voice communication needs.

If you have an outdated office phone system or would like to expand your current one, we can provide a solution to meet your needs. From small businesses to large corporations, Kelley Communications offers the best deals on telephone systems.

We are experts at installing enterprise-grade phone systems that your business can rely on!

Typical Features of Our Phone Systems:

  • Don’t need POTS / Phone Lines

  • Voicemail Solutions

  • Overhead 70 Volt Paging Systems

  • Background Music Systems (BGM)

  • Advertising & Music On Hold Services

  • Voicemail to Email Services

  • Call Recording Systems

  • Pre Recorded Mass Notification Messages Solutions

  • Cloud Business Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems:

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system can reduce the cost for phone services. Instead of using landlines, VoIP systems use data connection (for example, the internet or your internal business networking system to place and receive phone calls). Kelley Communications has the knowledge and experience to install and maintain a VoIP phone system solution for your business.

ISP Voice Services:

Kelley Communications is the known and trusted provider of ISP Voice Services throughout Wisconsin. Let us install a top-quality and affordable voice over IP phone solution to meet your business communication needs.  Our HD voice service assures you have clearly heard conversations with less background noise and at a great cost savings.

In addition, we lease analog phone adapters (ATAs) to our voice customers who need additional communication security to be compliant with HIPAA data privacy and security laws, such as hospitals and funeral homes. Because the ATAs are leased from Kelley Communications, we are responsible for their performance, maintenance and firmware updates.  One less thing for for you to worry about!

Quality Voice Communication Systems:

At Kelley Communications, our mission is to deliver quality voice communication systems with solutions that meet the demands of our customers at an exceptional value. We offer affordable solutions and top-quality service and equipment.

Emergency Broadcast Systems are Required by OSHA if you have 10 or More Employees

Emergency Action Plans from (section 1910.165):

  • 1910.38(c) -An employer must have and maintain an employee alarm system. The employee alarm system must use a distinctive signal for each purpose and comply with the requirements in 1910.165.
  • 1910.165 (b) (3)-The employee alarm shall be distinctive and recognizable as a signal to evacuate the work area or to perform actions designated under the emergency action plan.
  • 1910.165 (b) (4)-The employer shall explain to each employee the preferred means of reporting emergencies, such as manual pull box alarms, public address systems, radio or telephones. The employer shall post emergency telephone numbers near telephones, or employee notice boards, and other conspicuous locations when telephones serve as a means of reporting emergencies. Where a communication system also serves as the employee alarm system, all emergency messages shall have priority over all non-emergency messages.
  • 1910.165 (b) (5)-The employer shall establish procedures for sounding emergency alarms in the workplace. For those employers with 10 or fewer employees in a particular workplace, direct voice communication is an acceptable procedure for sounding the alarm provided all employees can hear the alarm. Such workplaces need not have a back-up system.
  • 1910.165 (d) (2)-The employer shall assure that a test of the reliability and adequacy of non-supervised employee alarm systems is made every two months. A different actuation device shall be used in each test of a multi-actuation device system so that no individual device is used for two consecutive tests.
  • 1910.165 (d) (3)-The employer shall maintain or replace power supplies as often as is necessary to assure a fully operational condition. Back-up means of alarm, such as employee runners or telephones, shall be provided when systems are out of service.

We can install an emergency broadcast system at your location that uses prerecorded micro-computer messages to send out potentially life-saving broadcasts in the event of an emergency. These messages enable all persons to take the appropriate actions in the event of an emergency without needing a live person to actively broadcast instructions.

The OSHA Penalties for Non-Compliance are:

  • $13,494 per violation- first offense!
  • $13,494 per day beyond the abatement date!
  • $134,937 per violation for willful or repeated violations

Learn More Here About the OSHA Regulations & Penalties Here:   

 ( Read 3302, 3000, 3021 and 2201)

“My exclusive partner for cabling, camera and DVR services.”

“I have been using Kelley Communications for many years. Kelley Communications has a very knowledgeable team that has always performed the work in a timely and professional manner. If you are looking for a talented team I would recommend Kelley Communications and their staff without hesitation. Very competitive pricing on Cutting Edge technology and equipment Jacob and his team at Kelley Communications have been a great partner to work with for the past 5 years. Very professional but also personable, and have always gone above and beyond on all projects we’ve worked on together. Highly recommend Kelley Comm for all your security needs.”

“Jacob and his team at Kelley Communications have been a great partner to work with for the past 5 years. Very professional but also personable, and have always gone above and beyond on all projects we’ve worked on together. Highly recommend Kelley Comm for all your security needs.”

“Have used them many times for emergency and non-emergency work. They have always delivered. We have never needed to look anywhere else.”

“Kelley communications and Jacob Horning did a fantastic job installing our security system. They provided a first-class system and have been giving us outstanding service ever since we started using them. I would highly recommend them to anyone.!!”

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“Todd, the owner, listened to what we wanted out of our security system. He spent the time helping us develop a plan not only for installation of the cameras and recording equipment, but also for the best possible ease of use after the job was done. They were also very conscious of our budget and offered the best possible options for our situation. The installers were polite and knowledgeable. I recommend them.!!”

“I’m currently finishing up a project that requires rolling out wireless access points in some large warehouse environments. We hired KelleyComm to run the network drops and assist us with hanging the access points. Couldn’t be happier with their work. Their tram gave really good advice and accommodated problems we had with our equipment from another vendor arriving late. Thank you so much Todd, Paul, TJ, and the rest of you at Kelley Communications!!”

“Kelley Comm. was a great company to work with. They have helped to improve and organize our infrastructure and we could not be happier. Their team worked closely with us to make sure we were happy with every single change. I give them my highest recommendation and will continue to work with them on other projects in the future.”

“We just wrapped up our second cabling project with Kelley Communications and they have been excellent in every respect. Our projects included a building-wide modernization of all existing data cable and fiber, and most recently a full-floor expansion build-out. Their crews have been professional and courteous, as well as flexible in working around our schedule to minimize systems downtime with students and staff in the building. The work performed has been high quality and the owner communicates regularly to keep us up to date on project status. What was delivered went above and beyond our expectations, and the attention to detail put into the work is readily apparent. Kelley Communications has earned becoming my go-to to call upon for any future cabling projects and I would recommend their services without reservation.”

“I have been Working with Kelley Communications for Over 20 Years! Being a Senior Citizen with a Small Business…Well Mr Kelley goes the Extra mile to make projects go SMOOTH! Whatever the Size of Your Communication Project…You will be Happy with Kelley Communications! Bill Knackert Bedtime Mattress Store West Bend!”