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Sound Masking Solutions By Kelley Communications

Looking to Improve your Home or Office? Sound Masking Solutions Sound masking uses low-level white noise that reduces the audible level of speech throughout a room, and helps to protect speech privacy where confidentiality is important, such as in doctor’s offices or call centers. Our sound masking solutions can conceal private conversations, reduce office-noise distractions, […]

The Future Arrives in 2017: Cat. 8 Wiring

Category 8 wiring is an economical solution to serve data hubs’ ever-expanding need for higher bandwidth. The standards for the next generation of data cabling—Cat. 8—were approved by The Telecommunications Industry Association’s TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee in June 2016, with ratification expected in early 2017. Conveniently keeping the same maximum diameter as category […]


Cat. 5e Cable      Cat.5e Specs:   Up to 1 GB/s & up to 100 meters Frequency: Up to 100 Mhz  Latest Cat. 5e Info:     Legacy Cable to be Phased Out Minimum Performance Will need to be Replaced Cat. 6 Cable Cat. 6 Specs:   Up to 1 GB/s at 100 meters & up […]