Data Cabling / Wiring

data cabling by Kelley Communications Is your network infrastructure current? Let us design and implement a network you can count on. We offer 20 year warranties on all of our data cable and wiring installation work and network cable installations. Office wiring, cubicle wiring, electrical wiring, Kelley Communications does it all.

Camera Systemssurveillance system installation by Kelley Communications

Need to upgrade your security? Whether its commercial surveillance cameras you need to monitor your property or a security system to protect your facility or home when you’re not there, let us provide a solution.


Phone Systems

phone systems by Kelley Communications
Is your phone system out of date? Has your business grown beyond its current phone systems capabilities? Call us today for a free phone evaluation and a free quote on a new business phone system to meet your businesses’s growing communication needs.

Paging Systems

intercom repair by Kelley Communications
Whether it’s a home or a business, intercoms and access control have become common place. If you have a need, we can provide you with a system to take the worries out of who is coming and going. We also perform intercom repairs and fix access controls.

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Welcome to Kelley Communications In Milwaukee

Kelley Communications was founded in 1989 and has been providing quality services for over twenty years. We can relocate to your office, install a new phone system, upgrade your network to current technology, secure your facility from theft or install technology in your home.