Sound Masking Systems

sound maskingSound Masking Systems

With a sound masking solution from Kelley Communications, you can reduce noise distractions as well as protect speech privacy, which is critical in office situations such as medical offices, libraries, pharmacies, business offices and legal facilities.

If your work area has an acoustical challenge, talk to Kelley, and we’ll analyze your space and propose the best sound masking solution to protect your conversational privacy, reduce the noise caused by office traffic, office machinery, phone banks, and other distracting sounds which can impede concentration and productivity.

About Sound Masking

Sound masking works by emitting a low-level, non-distracting white noise, pink noise, or background music over a speaker system that reduces other noise distractions. It is the acoustical equivalent of tripling the distance between work stations. Sound masking solutions are a cost-effective alternative to adding structural build-outs like additional walls or room additions to your facility.

Be it a large conference room, commercial space, a large, medium or small office or a multiple zone installation, Kelley has the right sound solution for you!

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